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The Best of What Tim Found (PM) #edtech 04/06/2015

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    • Relationships Are The Most Important Aspect Of Teaching
    • make relationship building the core of our instructional pedagogy and on-going professional learning
    • Belief In Who Students Are and What Students Can Do
    • believing that students can and will do things - especially big, amazing things - is essential.
    • instill intrinsic motivation
    • These can only come from students that are engaged in projects and activities that are meaningful, personal, real
    • start with the focus on creating opportunities for our students for them to pursue higher level thinking through areas of personal interest, engagement and project pursuits
    • If students are doing incredible, professional and real world work, I assume that many smart people can figure out how to score, grade and assess it. 
    • he more we can move to portfolio work vs. report card/test score work, the better.  The real world looks at one’s body of work and their ability to articulate that work.  Our schools and classrooms need to do that same. 
    • Students Have Interests And Need To Explore Them
    • we need to model for and train students that they need to maximize their interests.
    • All important skills can be taught with connections to personal interests. 
    • We need to not wait until college to have majors.  We need to have students to identify interest areas early on and each year (or even more often) and have these serve as their learning themes/backgrounds.
    • Students Need To Be Trusted with Real Roles
       and Tremendous Responsibilities
    • We have to transfer ownership
    • begin asking how can the students assume the role of being in charge.
    • All students need to serve a purpose
    • The purpose has to be immediate and it has to be real. 
    • Students are dying to be in charge of something that matters and waiting for us to give up that control. 
    • we created Student Project Coordinators
    • Where Our Focus Should Be
    • instead of making our focus tech integration, new standards, assessments or whatever else occupies our time and focus, what if we truly focused on the following:

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