About Tim Sparacino

I am currently proud to be the Principal of Washington Jr. High School in Bentonville, Arkansas.

My career in education began as a teacher and a coach in 1989. I became an administrator in 1997 and since then I have served as an Assistant Principal, Principal, Coordinator of Instructional Technology, and Director of Federal Programs and Curriculum.

One of my professional passions is to help move our district forward in the area of creating "meaningful" learning experiences for students.

To us, meaningful learning experiences are clearly relevant to students and will live on well past the next exam. Our focus is on having students answer or solve real problems, to create actual products, for an authentic audience.

I have always believed that technology can play an integral role in the ability of educators to allow students to make their learning more "meaningful."

I also believe that technology can have a tremendous impact on personal professional development and growth. That is especially the case when modern tools are used to help create a professional learning network that taps into the expertise of leaders from around the globe.

Therefore, I continually develop my personal learning network and constantly strive to model the effective use of emerging tools for teachers and administrators by conducting workshops and by sharing resources and thoughts through Tim's Top Tech Finds, The Connected Administrator, my Twitter account, my Diigo Library, and a Flipboard magazine called WJHS Learns.